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In this section:
  - Redevelopment and concrete treatment      
  - Sandblasting and iron items painting under traffic      
  - Supply and realization of road marking      
  - Supply and installation of vertical road signs      
  - Supply and installation of street barriers      
  Redevelopment and concrete treatment  
  Working cycle    Method  
  - Surface cleaning by means of pressured water in order to remove gas black, dust, spider webs etc;      
  - Polishing and passivation of protuberant irons;      
  - 2-3mm of two component mortar application with plastering machine, having high adaptability and later compacted;      
  - 2 mm smooth cement based finishing application with additives;      
    When select this cycle   NOTE

The cycle invented and tested as “Tunnel repair” allows a correct tunnel surface preparation for a good final painting cycle.

Seven service executes concrete treatment even on pillars and scaffolding.

  - For irregular concrete surfaces (presence of pitting corrosion, bee nests, teeth, other irregularities) in order to get a perfectly smooth surface, suitable to receive high quality varnishes, like epoxy, polyurethanic or epoxy- siloxane.
Correct surface preparation guarantees a perfect application of the varnish. This will give many advantage in maintenance, as the cleaning services will become much easier after this treatment.
    When avoid this cycle       
  - For irregular surfaces where are expected painting cycles with low quality tempera or acrylic, as the future maintenance services will consist in painting services more than washing ones;      
  Articles & Analysis (Only Italian)      
  Strade & Autostrade n.84 - 6 Novembre/Dicembre 2010
"La preparazione delle superfici"

  Sandblasting and painting of iron items  
  Working cycle    Method  
  - Lane reduction road signs installation;      
  - Working area protection by means of suitable cloths to reduce “sail effect”;      
  - Surfaces sandblasting and painting with epoxy or polyurethanic paints;      
    When select this cycle   NOTE

    When avoid this cycle       
  Articles & Analysis (Only Italian)      
  Strade & Autostrade n.94 - 4 Luglio/Agosto 2012
"Sabbiature sotto traffico"

  Installation of road marking, vertical road signs and guardrails      
       Road marking

Supply and realization of road marking of any kind and type:

- Solvent based paints
- Ecologic paints
- Double components paints
- Laminato pre-formato
       Vertical road signs

Fornitura e posa in opera di segnaletica verticale su strade urbane ed extraurbane:

- Any kind and dimensions cartel
- Highway portals
       Road barriers

Supply and installation of road barriers of any kind:

- Guardrails
- Sound panels
- Rock protection barriers
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